Variable Nozzle Spray System

Orchard air blast sprayer calibration is critical to cost and efficiency. The SYNCHRO spray nozzle system is designed to maximize your nozzles. The easy-to-use setup tool allows for droplet selection and setting rate and pressure that will optimize sprayer performance. 

Infinitely-variable electronic nozzle system, specifically designed for optimizing your nozzle setup.

Easy to use wireless setup tool via your smart device,

allows for nozzle profile setup, instant changes

on each sprayer in your fleet, eliminating manual tip changes.

Synchro-Web graphic 2

This configurative calibration tool provides accuracy, consistency, and savings to your bottom line


SYNCHRO Benefits

  • Calibrate fleet in minutes

  • Adjustments at the touch of a screen

  • Retrofits onto existing equipment

  • No more cheat sheets or complicated calculations

  • Easy operating experience 

  • Remote nozzle configuration to sprayer

SYNCHRO Features

  • Variable electronic valves for infinite variability

  • Smart device WIFI nozzle configuration

  • Hi-Speed valves for immediate on/off

  • Rate Controller Compatible


113100-594 Rev A-Orchard Decal Black