CapstanAG Empowering Growth


Apply with Precision

Individual nozzle control with the PinPoint II system
maximizes efficiency through increased accuracy.

Big Features. Small Price.

Add turn compensation to your sprayer with
EVO Spray, a Blended Pulse technology system
that adds value to any sprayer.

EVO Spray Cab Box


Want control of your fertilizer? Select your application, dictate results, maximize your seed choice

Start your planting season with the recommended dose of liquid product at the seed level. Instead of gallons per acre, SelectShot delivers the set dose per seed right where it's most effective.


Simple. Accurate. Reliable

CapstanAG's N-Ject NH3 system provides row-to-row uniformity while allowing for variable rate application.

Anhydrous Ammonia Sentry

See the most out of your application with N-Vision.  With easy installation, your anhydrous season gains efficiency and effectiveness with no added effort.

Variable Rate Application

N-Ject LF takes standard liquid fertilizer application and transforms it to variable rate on demand as it automatically adjusts liquid flow based on changes in rate or speed.


Optimize Every Nozzle

Achieve optimal results with the breakthrough technology of SwathPRO - CapstanAG’s aerial spray control system.


With Rate Sync®

Tip Management for Turf

Turf application management can be maximized using SharpShooter with Rate Sync outfitted for turf.  Pressure based spraying improves tip performance with optimized application at wider speed ranges.