Big Features. Small Price.

Turn compensation, reduced power consumption, and the highest flow capabilities on the market are now attainable, at an affordable price. 

The in-cab user interface allows adjustable application parameters with a series of operational modes.  


EVO Spray offers a simple and cost effective PWM system, fitting most makes and models of self-propelled and pull-behind sprayer platforms.

Modular design paired with selectable operational modes makes for a simple installation, operation, and service.  Blended Pulse technology has proven to increase accuracy, mitigate drift, and improve productivity. 

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EVO Spray Benefits

• Increased application speed ranges

• Drift mitigation through pressure control

• No over/under application within turns

• Rate stabilization using Rate Sync­

• Intuitive in-cab interface

• "Per Module" troubleshooting

• Designed for self-propelled or pull-type sprayers

• Simple system layout, installation, and servicing

EVO Spray Features

• Sectional turn compensation

• Pressure control

• High flow capability

• Low power consumption

• User-selected operational modes

• Real-time system feedback with diagnostics 

• Runs up to 16 sections

• Expandable platform

EVO Upgrade Kits 

Upgrade your Blended Pulse technology while retaining select hardware.

The kit is designed specifically to be plug-and-play with AIM™ Command systems.



*AIM is a registered trademark of CNH Industrial America, LLC and is not affiliated with Capstan Ag Systems, Inc.

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