N-Ject® NH3

Simple. Accurate. Reliable.

The CapstanAG N-Ject NH3 system provides row-to-row uniformity with built-in sectional control and variable rate capability.

N-Ject utilizes PWM technology within the modular manifold to control anhydrous ammonia flow to each row. 

CapstanAG N-Ject NH3

N-Ject links with PinPoint II!

N-Ject tailors the pulse duty cycle as it quickly compensates for changes in rate or speed to maintain your target application.

Correct application of anhydrous ammonia is critical to getting the best yield from your crops.


  • Distribution, cooling and metering all in one
  • Consistent application per row
  • Modular setup to match toolbar needs
  • Greatly eliminates distribution variability


  • Precise row to row accuracy
  • Compensates for rate and speed changes
  • Instantaneous variable rate
  • System status updates on demand

N-Ject NH3 has less than 6% distribution variability, providing an on-target application.  Conventional application technology typically performs at 18-22%.  This high level of distribution variability often leads to unwanted streaks and entire fields being misapplied.

How it Works

CapstanAG N-Ject Slice

System Link - PinPoint II

The N-Ject manifold coupled to the hardware and display unit of PinPoint II gives you the following benefits and enhanced features:

  • Individual Row Control
  • Boundary Mapping
  • Turn Compensation
  • Valve/System Diagnostics

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CapstanAG PinPoint II CapView II