Select your application, dictate results, maximize your seed choice.

Start your planting season with the recommended dose of liquid product at the seed level. Instead of gallons per acre, SelectShot delivers the set dose per seed right where it's most effective.

The seed sensor triggers a precise dose of product in the optimal location based on the settings entered on your UT enabled monitor.

CapstanAG Seed-Squirter

You already have the planter, just add the CapstanAG SelectShot system and optimize your yield with simple inputs.

Placing the product in the ideal location, SelectShot increases yields and decreases input costs.

SelectShot Benefits

  • Consistent placement independent of speed or population
  • Optimal liquid product placement
  • UT compatible
  • Valve Diagnostics
  • Reduced product input costs
  • Maximized yield potential
  • Proper nutrient per seed
  • More time between tank fills
  • Improved plant health

SelectShot Features

  • Optimized inputs, maximized yields
  • Turn compensation compatible
  • Key fob controlled diagnostic testing
  • Same dose per seed independent of population
  • Instant crop dependent in-furrow application rate changes
CapstanAG Seed-Squirter

Field Study Results

Becks Hybrid Data

*All data was collected by Beck's Superior Hybrids, Inc. and can be located in the Beck's 2017 Practical Farm Research Book, page 302.  Planted 5/17/2017 | Harvested 10/16/2017 | Population 32,000 Seeds/A. | Row Width 30 in. 

SelectShot Calculator

How many acres do you plant each season?

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What is the annual bushel per acre yield increase you experience with applying starter fertilizer? bu/acre

Starter Fertilizer can contribute to a bigger yield gain than normal. One out of every so many years does that happen?

In the larger yield increase year, what is the average bushel per acre starter helped to provide? bu/acre

What is the commodity price per bushel? $/bu

Dribble System ROI Over Planter Trade Cycle

Dribble System Cost

Starter Fertilizer Cost

Total Costs

Annual Yield Kick Return

1 in 3 Year Return

Total ROI


SelectShot System ROI Over Planter Trade Cycle

SSt System Cost

SSt Rate Reduction

SSt Yield Kick (bu/acre)

Starter Fertilizer Costs

Total Costs

Annual Yield Kick Return

1 in 3 Year Return

SSt Yield Kick

Total ROI