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SelectShot is the in-furrow liquid application system, patented by CapstanAG.

SelectShot delivers a precision Dose-Per-Seed™ application, optimizes inputs, and maximizes yield.

The seed sensor triggers a precise dose of product in the optimal location based on the settings entered on your UT-enabled monitor.

CapstanAG Seed-Squirter

SelectShot applies product only where needed,

as needed, to allow for more acres to be covered.

Increase your farm's profitability with sustainable production.

More Time Planting, Less Time Filling.


SelectShot Benefits

Dose-Per-Seed™ Application
ISO Compliant VT Interface
Real-Time System Diagnostics
Fits Most Makes and Model
High Speed Compatible

SelectShot Features

Economic Input Control
Increased Production Time
Maximized Yield Potential
Sustainable Impact