Anhydrous Ammonia Sentry

See the most out of your application with N-Vision.  With easy installation, your anhydrous season gains efficiency and effectiveness with no added effort.

N-Vision removes naturally occurring vapor from the tank and plumbing to provide liquid state ammonia to the metering device. 


N-Vision shows the operator the real-time demand and capacity based on application conditions, field terrain, and tank performance capacities.  This results in a consistent application throughout the entire tank.

Pure, clean liquid and real-time application diagnostics redefines your anhydrous success.


  • Immediately identify flow restrictions
  • Pull supply tanks dry with confidence
  • Tank feed diagnostics result in 15% more usable product per tank
  • Filters are designed for greatly extended acres before servicing
  • Know exactly when to speed-up or slow-down based on supply


  • Tank feed diagnostics
    Real time system feedback
  • Passive refrigeration
    Removes unwanted vapor
  • 3D depth filtration
    Multi-layered particle barrier

How it Works

(1)  Inlet(s) - Liquid, vapor, tank additives, and contaminates enter the housing inlet(s) from the supply tank and plumbing.

(2)  Filtration - NH3 passes through the 3D membrane, catching all contaminates, protecting your downstream investment.

(3)    Separation - The vapor rises to the vapor head while a measured accumulation of liquid supplies the outlet ports.

(4)    Vapor Removal - Vapor is extracted to improve liquid flow through the system and provide diagnostics.

(5)    Outlet(s) - Pure and clean NH3 is provided for accurate metering and distribution.

N-Vision Cutaway


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