with Rate Sync®

Tip Management for Turf

Turf application management can be maximized using SharpShooter with Rate Sync for turf.  Pressure based spraying improves tip performance with optimized application at wider speed ranges.

SharpShooter with Rate Sync allows operators the ability to quickly adjust target pressure, droplet size and minimize drift while viewing real-time system performance.

CapstanAG SharpShooter with Rate Sync

Compared to conventional spraying, SharpShooter with Rate Sync offers solutions to application challenges including single tip selection limitations, reduced speed ranges, excessive drift, and overall application quality confidence.

Controlled application based on pressure and rate independent of speed provides wider application ranges without sacrificing application quality.


  • Increased application speed ranges
  • Improved application efficiency
  • Chemical and time savings
  • Fewer tip changes
  • Drift management


  • Optimal droplet size throughout application
  • Blended Pulse technology
  • Pressure, rate, and spray pattern kept constant
  • 8:1 speed range over conventional spraying

Technical Specifications