EVO Spray

Tip Management for Turf

Turn compensation, reduced power consumption, and the highest flow capabilities on the market are now attainable, at an affordable price. The latest pulsing nozzle technology is now available for your turf sprayers with EVO Spray, the newest Blended Pulse technology by CapstanAG. 

The operator interface allows for adjustability to application parameters and offers a series of operational modes.

EVO Spray Cab Box

EVO Spray is available pre-installed on Wilscot Booms or can be retrofitted onto your existing turf sprayer.

EVO Spray offers a simple cost-effective Blended Pulse system without sacrificing the benefits.


  • Increased application speed ranges
  • Improved application efficiency
  • Chemical and time savings
  • No over or under application when turning
  • Real time feedback and application adjustments
  • Drift management 
  • Easy installation and system operation


  • Optimal droplet size throughout application
  • Turn Compensation
  • Pressure, rate, and spray pattern kept constant
  • High Flow  
  • 8:1 speed range over conventional spraying
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Modular design