Optimize Every Nozzle

Achieve optimal results with the breakthrough technology of SwathPRO - CapstanAG’s aerial spray control system.

Efficiency continues with the reduced-drag design of the boom and integrated coils located inside the nacelles.

SwathPRO Aerial Boom

ProMaker profile generating software aids in building in-flight selectable profiles that can range from full boom, cleaning up edges or highly sensitive areas in your fields. 


No need to land to reconfigure your system. Optimized application at the push of a button.


• 7 Boom Presets Provide Instantaneous Pattern Shaping

• Customized Boom Configurations Based on User Inputs

• Real Time Valve and Plunger Diagnostics

• Immediate System Performance Feedback

• Flow Rate Changes in < 10 Feet at 130 MPH


  • ProMaker Pattern shaping Software

  • 7 Preset Nozzle Pattern Profiles

  • Individual Nozzle Diagnostics

  • Drift Management

  • Crosswind Compensation

  • Narrow Swath While Maintaining COV