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With the 1994 Introduction of PWM into agricultural Spraying, CapstanAG™ has changed the way we spray today and into the future.


  • 1990 - Development of PWM spraying concept for agriculture
  • 1992 - Patent issued for PWM application in agriculture
  • 1995 - First custom applicator of PWM in Santa Maria, CA
With the technology development, CapstanAG went into agreements with Tyler industries and subsequently Case Corporation to white label this technology as "AIM Command".
  • 1997 - Agreement with Tyler Industries to factory install AIM Command system
  • 1998 - Agreement with Case Corp. to factory install AIM Command system
With growing success AIM Command goes international.
  • 2000 - PWM goes international into Australia and Brazil
As the technology continued to be grow in industry adoption, CapstanAG saw the need for further developments and introduced refined resolution from sections to individual nozzle control, as well as turn compensation for more demanding spray application and accuracy.
  • 2011- Individual nozzle control and turn compensation are released for PinPoint® and AIM Command Pro products
  • 2015 - Launch of SelectShot™ of dose-per-seed technology into in-furrow planter market
  • 2018- Agreement with AGCO Corp. to factory install PinPoint II® systems
Following the success of PWM through CapstanAG and OEM agreements, development continued into more market segments including planters, toolbars, orchards, and aerial application.
  • 2018 - SwathPRO® launch of aerial application system
  • 2021 - PinPoint III ENVELOP as the next generation of sprayer platform
  • 2022 - Agreement with ET Apache to factory install PinPoint III ENVELOP systems
  • 2022 - Agreement with Air Tractor Inc. to factory install SwathPRO on AT model aircraft
  • 2024 - Launch of Synchro™ orchard application system
As we continue to grow and develop new technologies into different markets, we are excited to celebrate our 30 year anniversary, but more excited about what's to come in the next 30 years.

With co-developments in emerging technologies such as optical spot spraying and autonomy, we can’t wait to show you what's next...

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The Legacy Continues
*Case IH and AIM Command are registered trademarks and AIM Command Pro is a trademark in the United States and many other countries, owned by or licensed to CNH Industrial N. V. it's subsidiaries and affiliates.